Help with Sputtering Subwoofer

Don't blame the subwoofer until you've ruled out everything else.


Reader Ryan wrote in to Ask-a-Pro:

My TC-sub-1 is not working when I turn it on I can hear this quite sputtering sound any answers on how to fix it or how much it would be to repair it?

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CE Pro’s Robert Archer says:

Before you write off the subwoofer go into your receiver or preamplifier/processor’s settings and make sure the LFE (subwoofer) is configured correctly. This includes the crossover point at which the speakers are set to work with the sub (industry standard is 80Hz), as well as the output level, which may be stated as dB and lastly check to see if the LFE channel is even active. You should see some type of indicator reading that says something like “5.1 or “3/2 +LFE” in the front panel of your receiver or preamplifier/processor.

Also make sure the system isn’t operating in a “night time” type of mode that automatically quiets the system so it doesn’t disturb others, and check the cable that connects the subwoofer to your receiver to ensure it works.

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