HDSound.us Designs Home SoundSystem Up to 13,000 Watts

HDSound.us is now offering its custom-built sound systems for around $47K.


These definitely go to 11. HDSound.us just launched in the U.S., to bring its brand of custom-made loudspeakers into the home — and they are strictly for serious audiophiles.

According to the company, HDSound.us can custom-build a sound system with the same professional loudspeakers that concert venues and professional theaters use, with power from 3,000 to over 13,000 watts. That’s some serious audio!

Designed for larger rooms, the company’s flagship product is the dual-zone Summit System. Starting at a mere $47,596 (MSRP), the offering is described as a “large-format HD-quality SoundSystem.” That cost also includes the 600-watt EndTableSub subwoofer and a choice of custom finishes.

Other features include the SoundConsole, which is designed to be placed under an HDTV. It includes two 150-watt 6.5-inch woofers, two 3-inch mid-range pro drivers, and a mini-horn-loaded ribbon tweeter for each of the three main loudspeaker channels. It also has 7-foot Sound Towers, with dual 12-inch woofers and two dual 15-inch SoundCubeSubs that promise a bass response below 15Hz.

Last, but certainly not least, the system also has an overhead SoundBridge with three channels of large 3-way SoundCube Mains (with two 10-inch woofers for each), and a 12,000-watt Class D amp.

“We know of no other loudspeakers that can match the HDSound loudspeakers’ ability to provide high-impact music across the largest home entertainment rooms with clear dialogue, adjustable coverage area, and audiophile sound quality,” says David Kennedy, the company’s CEO.

Are you ready to rock this type of system? Contact HDSound.us about visiting the company’s Southern California showroom.


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