Harman Ships Revel Performa3 Loudspeakers – Finally!

The entire range of home theater speakers is available via a few select dealers.

The M105 Bookshelf Speaker.

It’s been about a year (a year!) since Harman debuted the Performa3 line under its Revel brand. The Performa3 is a complete line of home theater speakers. Since the debut, the company has been showing them off at various tradeshows. Now, people are finally going to get to take them home!

Revel says that the Performa3 line is now shipping. The lineup includes a slew of speakers, including the F206, F208 and F308 floorstanding speakers, the M105 and M106 bookshelf speakers, the C205 and C208 center-channel speakers, and the S206 surrounds. To round out the lineup, Revel also offers the 10-inch B110 and 12-inch B112 subwoofers.

So far, Revel says that reception for the speakers has been good. “We love them for their value and performance,” says Lance Anderson, president of Minneapolis’ Admit One Home Cinema, where the Performa3 models have been demoing. Anderson also says that people seem interested in the F208 and F206, in particular. “People are really surprised at how good they sound — very sweet and detailed — and rate them as equal to or better than speakers that are two to four times the price.”

In Naperville, Illinois, Barrett’s Technology Solutions carries more than 20 AV brands. However, Joe Barrett, the company’s president, says that the F206 has been garnering a lot of interest.

“Speakers like these are sold as high-performance speakers and they have to stand on their performance in higher-end 2-channel audio systems,” he says. “They distinguish themselves on the sales floor really well and we are very encouraged with the Performa3 line.”

The new line is also doing well on the West Coast, according to Music Lovers, a dealer out of San Francisco and Berkeley, California. “The F208 is one of the main attractions of our Berkeley home theater and we have other models in our San Francisco listening rooms,” says Josh Rudner, manager of the San Franciso store. “We’re carrying the Performa3 models in piano black and walnut and I think the walnut is just stunning.”

To find out more about the Revel Performa3, contact one of the above dealers or check out Harman’s Revel website.

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