Harman Kardon Puts New Tech into SB 30 Soundbar

Harman Kardon's latest includes new sound processing and a wireless subwoofer.


Soundbar technology just keeps getting better. Harman Kardon is hoping to further the category a little more with new digital sound processing technology and its upcoming SB 30 soundbar package.

Besides what the unit is packing on the inside, the SB 30 comes with a slick soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. Designed for use with movies, sports or video games, this sound system can supposedly be optimized for room size and listener location.

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The customization comes from the SB 30′s two listening modes; one is Virtual and the other is Wave. Both promise different surround-sound effects out of this compact package. For example, Virtual can give a nice boost to traditional two-channel stereo sources, while Wave pumps up left and right surround fields for larger rooms — or content.

Of course, a soundbar can’t reproduce the same sound as a 5.1 system. However, HK delivers a great virtual effort, via a triple-core digital signal processing (DSP) array, which features 13 transducers, six 2-inch woofers, seven 1-inch tweeters and 11 amplifier channels.

Adding to the experience is the compact subwoofer, which can be placed easily, thanks to wireless technology and a down-firing bass reflex design. Other features include Dolby Volume to maintain sound levels and a dual-position EQ switch.

“With revolutionary digital sound processing capabilities, the Harman Kardon SB 30 soundbar will overwhelm the competition and redefine how surround sound is experienced at home,” said Sachin Lawande, who holds the company’s title of executive VP, chief technology officer and co-president of Lifestyle and Infotainment. “The soundbar is perfect for the modern home, where so much of our entertainment content comes from an HDTV, and there is strong consumer desire to optimize sound for movies and video games. The design of the SB 30 features the understated elegance Harman Kardon is known for and, combined with new DSP technologies and a wireless subwoofer, provides a vibrant sound system that is as unobtrusive as it is clean.”

There’s no word on when Harman Kardon will start selling the SB 30. When it launches, look for an MSRP of $799.


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