Hands On: Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblock Amplifier

Audioholics gives us a peek at this high-end home theater amplifier.


A few weeks back, Emotiva announced plans to make its new XPR-1 Mono-Block Amp an online exclusive. The company is now shipping the product — and Audioholics seems to think it’s more than worth the $1,499 price tag.

The XPR-1 has a 30-pound 2.5kVA toroidal transformer and a massive low ESR capacitor bank, which powers a Class H power amplifier. It also promises 1,000 watts into 8 ohms (and 2,000 into 4), as well as an ARM microprocessor, balanced and unbalanced inputs, heavy-duty binding posts, a 12-volt trigger input and output, an input voltage switch and an IEC receptacle.

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“There is little not to like about the Emotiva XPR-1 mono-block amplifiers. They deliver a level of audiophile performance that bellies their price,” says Audioholics writer Gene DellaSala. “Although they lack the snob appeal of some of the more expensive and prestigious brands, the Emotiva XPR-1 gives up nothing in the performance department, especially with regards to power.”

To read the entire review on Audioholics.com, go here. You can also share your thoughts on the product and the review in the Audioholics forum.

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