Gunn Audio Unveils Android Smart Speaker

The Australian-based company will make its debut at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Gunn Audio's SX-3 iWall speaker.

We’re expecting to see plenty of wireless everything at this week’s 2014 CES. However, we weren’t really expecting to see wireless speakers come out of Australia — and for Android users.

Australian manufacturer Gunn Audio is out in Las Vegas showing off the SX Smart Speaker Series. The newly announced speaker lineup includes Wi-Fi, an LCD touchscreen, and support for Android devices.

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Because it has love for Android, it can tap into all of the music available through the Google Play Store. Listeners can browse that selection directly one of the speakers, using the 7-inch LCD. It also means that users can download apps to the speaker and listen to the likes of Pandora, Spotify or even YouTube, all without wires.

Yes, you can download those things to the speaker. Because the Gunn Audio SX Smart Speaker Series connects directly to your Wi-Fi setup, no computer or smartphone is needed.

“Phones were meant to make phone calls, text, send pictures, and now surf the net, but not play DJ,” explains Brady Gunn, founder of Gunn Audio.

The Gunn Audio SX Smart Speaker Series will include the flagship SX-4 Manta, which is expected to retail for under $800. Standing at about 2 feet tall, the SX-4 includes 4-by-4-inch drivers, 2-by-1-inch tweeters, and an 8-inch subwoofer.

Besides the Wi-Fi support, each SX speaker has options to play music via USB, HDMI, AUX, DLNA, Bluetooth and a flash drive.

Other speakers in the Gunn SX Series will include the SX-1 Clipper, the SX-2 Reefer, the SX-3 iWall, and the SX-5 Wayfarer. Currently, there’s no other information, pricing, or availability on those models.

The Gunn SX-2 Reefer.

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