Google TV Starts Tapping into Google Play Entertainment

Google TV users can now access content from the online store.


It makes sense that Google would work with Google, correct? Well just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s easy. Maybe that’s why Google just announced that Google TV users can now access entertainment through the Google TV platform.

Previously, Google TV users could find that entertainment fix through a myriad of services. However, now Google wants to put its own selections into that mix.

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Could this be the thing that finally gets the masses to accept Google TV at home? That’s to be determined. It certainly won’t hurt, though. Google has started rolling out the new offering, which will include movies, TV shows and music. However, the company does expect the initial process to take several weeks.

With the upgrade, Google TV users can rent or buy Google Play content, as well as access purchases from other devices, all on the Google TV. Google Play will also be included in the recommendation options, which is available through the TV & Movies app. This pools options from live TV, Netflix, and Amazon — and now, Google Play.

Google TV initially launched in 2010. It’s currently available on select HDTVs and set-top boxes.


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