Google Chromecast Contest

Electronic House is giving away 5 Google Chromecast media players. Here's your chance to win.

It only took hours for the Google Chromecast to become an internet sensation when it was announced in July. It will only take minutes for you to enter our contest to win one.

Google’s thumb-drive sized streaming media player may be the biggest hit of the year for electronics enthusiasts, and Electronic House is hosting a contest to give away 5 of them.

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First, in case you missed it, Chromecast is a small device that connects to your TV via an HDMI port. Using your smartphone or tablet as the remote control, Chromecast can stream movies, TV and music from your internet connection to your TV via Wi-Fi. It’s the smallest and simplest way to add services like Netflix, YouTube and Google Play.

One of the cool things about Google Chromecast is its portability. Being so small, you can easily move it from one TV to another without the hassle multiple wires or remotes. You can even take it over to a friend’s house or a vacation house to have a movie night away from home.

Entering the Electronic House Chromecast contest is easy, takes about a minute, and is free, of course. The contest ends August 31st. Click the link here for the contest. Good luck!

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