Go Camping with Your Home Theater

Custom electronic pro builds a portable movie theater perfect for camping trips.

This home theater in a box goes traveling with its owners

During the summer, who wants to sit in a dark, isolated room to catch a movie when you can enjoy a show under the stars?

It’s a cinch to take your movies outside with a portable home theater like the one custom electronics (CE) professional Gordon van Zuiden built for a client recently.

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His company specializes in the installation of electronics and home theater systems that stay inside the house, so the request for a traveling “home theater in a box” was an unusual one, says van Zuiden.

“He wanted to be able to travel, watch Netflix downloadable movies projected onto a white wall up to 100 inches in size, have great sound, all be battery operated, and only require a wireless or cell signal for movie downloads.”

The solution involved the purchase of a 10-by-7-inch Pelican travel box, into which van Zuiden installed a 3M MP300 Mobile Projector and Jambox advanced digital processing speaker. The 3M projector accommodates a Roku HDMI Streaming Stick, which wirelessly accesses Netflix movie downloads. The streaming happens over a cellphone connection.

All together, it cost less than $400 to put together the campy theater. And because it weighs just 3 pounds, it’s light enough to take just about anywhere. “The owners also use for parties at their swimming pool, and take it with them when they stay at hotels,” says van Zuiden.

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