Geneva Labs XXL Whole Audio System in a Big Box

Bluetooth, AirPlay and More

Space saving, sound and style—those seem to be three of the primary features of the new Geneva Sound System Model XXL.

With a name like XXL you wouldn’t expect the product to be a space-saver, but within its TV stand cabinet the Geneva XXL packs in a seven speakers system with a 589-watt digital amplifier, and 8-inch subwoofer, three HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, Airplay, DLNA, FM and DAB (maybe that’s in the Europe-only version). There’s also room for component and media storage.

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It’s designed to hold a 65-inch HDTV.

The system is all housed in an elegant wood cabinet finished in a choice of red, black or white piano lacquer.

Aside from the cool looks and practicality of the system, one things does seem odd—the speakers are all located on one side of the cabinet, and storage on the other. If you center the television on top, the sound won’t be centered. A representative for Geneva told me that the speakers use signal processing, called Embracing Sound HD technology, to create a surround sound effect and to ensure that the center channel sounds like it’s coming from the center, rather than off to the side, despite the physical configuration of the system.

You can get it for $3,499

Here are some more Geneva Labs speakers we wrote about in October.

• 7 speakers including an 8″ subwoofer
• Seven Class D digital amplifiers, 589-Watts total
• Frequency response 35Hz to 20kHz
• HDMI 1.4: 3 inputs, 1 output, HDMI ARC
• Apple AirPlay; DLNA/UPnP (WiFi, WPS, Ethernet)
• Bluetooth Audio A2DP
• FM tuner with RDS, DAB/DAB+
• Audio input: analog (stereo, 5.1), digital (coax, Optical/TOS-link)
• Automatic Software Upgrade
• Media center with adjustable shelves for all components
• IR Repeater for DVD/Blu-ray player, set-top box, etc. in media center

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