GenAudio Launches New Surround Format

GenAudio says that AstoundSound for CE can create realistic surround sound, without all of the speakers.


Faux surround sound is nothing new. Soundbars and other smaller audio solutions typically have some type of technology that can provide the “illusion” of surround sound, without a 5.1 (or larger) speaker setup. GenAudio is hoping to be the next great surround sound solution, with AstoundSound for CE.

This newly launched technology promises to deliver surround sound without all of the speakers. Designed to work with headphones and two speaker devices, GenAudio says that the tech can deliver a realistic 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound experience.

AstoundSound for CE is software-based, which is what allows it to reproduce those 5.1 and 7.1 sounds. The company says that this has an advantage over competing spatial audio technology, because AstoundSound for CE has no tone colorization and remains in-phase.

The company also says that the tech will work in everything from digital TVs and set-top boxes to phones and gaming consoles, and much more.

“The introduction of our software based audio IP tech on small, low-cost processors coupled with our intuitive audio tuning tools provides manufacturers a way to quickly integrate spatialized audio playback capabilities into any new product where audio fidelity to the consumer is a critical component,” says Jerry Mahabub, founder and CEO of GenAudio. “Implementing AstoundSound in consumer devices will offer device manufacturers the opportunity to differentiate their multimedia products in a crowded consumer market!”

GenAudio is already incorporating AstoundSound audio IP software into devices, including the Analog Devices ADAU1761/1701 Sigma Studio DSP system-on-chip (SoC) audio processors as well as ADI’s SHARC processors and various other chip manufacturers. GenAudio says that the first products packing AstoundSound for CE launch will debut early this year.


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