Gefen Debuts Ultra HD 4K Splitters

The company has three new options for delivering 4K to multiple displays.

We’ve been raving about Ultra HD (4K) TV for a while now. At some point, you’re probably going to want to put more than one 4K TV into the home. Gefen is making it easy to have multiple displays share the same sources, with its new line of Ultra HD Splitters.

Gefen’s new offering includes a total of three splitters. Each one has one input and the ability to send Ultra HD 4K signals to multiple 4K displays at the same time. However, one option has two outputs, one has four, and the last one has eight.

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Other features include a wall-mountable enclosure and the option for a black or white finish. Also, you don’t have to wait to have a 4K TV to install one of these into your setup.

“Because these new 4K splitters also support 1080p full HD resolutions, they are ideal for any existing or newly designed AV system,” said Hagai Gefen, president of Gefen.

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