Fusion Research Launches $3K Movie Server

1.5 TV of media storage for $2,995


Video streaming via services like Netflix and Vudu may be easy, cheap and ubiquitous, but disc-based movie servers have the clear edge in terms of video and audio quality. Plus, you get to watch your movies, not just the poor selection the streaming service offers.

However, movie servers can be expensive—very expensive compared to a Roku or Apple TV. Fusion Research just announced a new movie server the company says “breaks price barriers.” It does that, and while $2,995 may still seem steep, it’s a big drop from the $20K that some other products cost.

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The new product, called the Premiere, has enough storage space (1.5 TB) for about 225 DVDs or 45 Blu-ray discs. Users can add a NAS drives (which tend to be cheaper than a proprietary expansion drive) to expand storage. A $495 licensing fee is required for the software that allows the server to communicate with the external NAS.

Fusion’s EPIC platform allows for easy organization and navigation of movie collections.

A system called EasyLoad copies any movie inserted into the server then locates the cover art and metadata.

If you want to expand your Fusion Premiere experience to one additional room you can add a Fusion Zone Player for $1,495.

Fusion servers are Control4 certified so they can be easily integrated in to a Control4control home system.

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