First Look: SIM2 LUMIS SOLO 3D Home Theater Projector

EH gets hands-on with SIM2's latest star projector


The Italian-based video manufacturer SIM2 has established itself as one of the top video products manufacturers in the consumer electronics and commercial video industries.

Earlier this year the company announced a string of new products that it says will bolster its product line in 2011 and beyond. Headlining these new products is the company’s LUMIS Solo-3D projector, which is designed to provide home theater enthusiasts with a single-chassis, high-performance 2D and 3D projection solution.

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Utilizing a Texas Instruments’ three-chip Dark Chip 4 DLP chip set, the LUMIS 3D-Solo also features a choice of lens options, multiple inputs, including two HDMI 1.4; video processing and the company’s triple-flash 3D technology that’s said to be three times faster than the movie industry’s 24fps video standard.

SIM2 explains the triple-flash technology by pointing out it is engineered to produce pictures that are six times faster than 24fps video to ensure that 3D graphics appear smooth to viewers. “Currently triple flash is only used in commercial theaters—and DCi group professional projectors—because it is the answer to most of the usual complains about 3D vision: flicker, vision fatigue and ghosting,” says the company on its website. “LUMIS 3D-SOLO images are displayed at 144 fps, 72 fps per eye, resulting in extreme smoothness and visual pleasure.”

Explore3DTV’s experience with the projector so far has confirmed the company’s 3D image quality claims with content that includes Despicable Me.

Watching this CGI-based movie, as well some 3D Disney videos and 2D content with the LUMIS Solo 3D in tandem with a 92-inch SI Black Diamond 16:9 screen, the projector has impressed with its color depth, image clarity, 2D and 3D video smoothness, and its brightness with 2D and 3D images.

We will follow up with a more detailed review of the LUMIS 3D-Solo.


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