Evanesce In-Ceiling Screen Allows for Multitasking Home Theater

This Laguna Beach home can produce Elite Screens' projection screen at the touch of a button.

Not everyone has the space to dedicate an entire room to home theater. Multi-purpose media rooms are becoming very popular because they allow homeowners to have that high-tech theater, without taking over a certain space.

The Parkers recently had a 126-inch 16:9 Elite Screens Evanesce installed in their Laguna Beach home. The Evanesce is a theater-grade projection screen that can actually disappear from sight when it’s not in use. That way, the Parkers can enjoy the room for entertaining in more ways than one.

“We decided upon getting the 126-inch Evanesce in-ceiling projection screen and my family and I love it. The screen is amazing. The quality is just astounding. It brings everything to life; the colors are very vivid and it’s just like being in a movie theater. It’s absolutely awesome. My wife loves it because it’s invisible when we are not watching anything. It just folds into the ceiling and you don’t even know it’s there,” says Paul Parker. “Our living room, it just looks like a regular living room, and then when we are ready to watch a movie, the screen comes down and it’s super smooth and we’re ready for movie night.”

The Evanesce is a fully contained in-ceiling electric projection screen, with white-finished aluminum housing. Tensioned and non-tensioned variants are available with matte white projection surfaces in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios and sizes ranging from 84 to 139 inches. The control package includes IR and RF receivers, remote controls, an RJ-45 wire connection and a 5-12-volt trigger, as well as an external and an in-wall integrated low-voltage 3-way wall switch.

To hear more about what the Parkers think of the Evanesce, check out the video on the Elite Screens website or contact Elite Screens for more information.

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