Epson MegaPlex Projector Includes iPad Dock

Includes 2 10W speakers.


Epson wants to free your videos from the confines of a little iDevice screen. The new MegaPlex projectors include mounts for iPhones and iPads so you can view your videos on a big screen or wall.

MegaPlex comes in two versions. Both are LCD-based projectors with full-sized lamps (not pico projectors) capable of lighting up screens up to 100 inches. The $799 MG-850 puts out a 720p resolution image with 2,800 ANSI lumens, so it should be suitable for viewing with some ambient light. The less expensive $699 MG-50 is capable of the less-than HD resolution of 540p and 2,200 lumens light output, which is still pretty bright.

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Both models include two 10W speakers, so all you need to plug in is your source device. When you’re not watching a video, you can use a MegaPlex as a plain-old speaker dock to listen to your iPod/iPad music. There’s even a microphone input for Karaoke.

If you don’t have an Apple device to hook up, the projector includes USB, HDMI and component inputs for any other device.

Epson notes that the projectors support the TV output feature in many Apple video apps, but I’m still waiting for the company to let me know exactly which ones. Working with the Netflix app would be fantastic, and make instant backyard theaters easier to do. I’ve been using the Optoma Neo lately, and it won’t display Netflix videos directly from the iPhone.

One other thing these models have going for them is Epson’s 2-year warranty. If something goes wrong, Epson will get a new one out to you in two business days.


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