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Be featured with the top in cool high-tech homes and home theaters.


Imagine a kitchen where a TV tunes to your favorite cooking show automatically when you turn on the stove, or a bedroom where the window shades open gradually at a certain time every morning as your wake-up call.

What would it be like to live in a completely automated home, where the lights, thermostats and the audio/video equipment adjust to certain settings based on who entered the house?

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In May, you’ll be able to hear about – and see – rooms and homes that can do all this and more during the Electronic House Home of the Year Contest. Winners of the popular contest will be featured both in the magazine and online. Gold, silver and bronze winners will be chosen for categories including best dedicated home theater, best media room, best themed theater, best master suite, best outdoor space and more.

View Electronic House 2011 Home of the Year Winners Here

“These are the crème de le crème of intelligent living spaces,” says Electronic House editor Lisa Montgomery. “They demonstrate perfectly the unique benefits consumers can enjoy by integrating sophisticated electronic systems into their homes. Additionally, it’s one of the most effective ways for custom electronics (CE) pros to show off their work and be recognized for their engineering and design skills.”


Projects submitted to the Home of the Year contest are judged by a panel of experts on their level of creativity, design, implementation and usability, as well as the electronic systems’ overall impact on the comfort, convenience and efficiency of the home or room.

If you have designed or live in a home that’s smart enough to stand up against the competition, contact Lisa Montgomery at lmontgomery@ehpub.com.

All homes must be completely furnished and photographed for consideration.

The early bird deadline for submissions is January 6; the final deadline is February 3.

For more information and to enter, click here.


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