Energy Cranks Out Power 10 and 12 Subwoofers

The Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 can put boom into your listening experience.


Energy is looking to put a little boom into your room. The Klipsch brand just introduced two new subwoofers, the Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12.

Both are part of a larger Energy Power line, designed to add that much-needed bass to any audio experience. These units don’t just allow you to hear the bass, but also feel it.

Engineered as front-firing subwoofers, the Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 boast big bass in a compact design, to complement some of today’s smaller speakers or satellite systems. Each model has both line-in and speaker-level terminals, so they can be used in surround or two-channel systems.

Available in a black matte vinyl finish, the Energy Power 10 has a 10-inch, front-firing woofer and 100 watts of power. The Energy Power 12 bumps that up to a 12-inch, front-firing woofer that produces 150 watts of power.

“Subwoofers were the apparent next step for the expansion of our Energy Power series,” said Tommy Jacobs, director of customer development for Energy. “To accompany our high-performing soundbars, we are focused on providing the same powered functionality that’s present throughout the series, while ensuring Energy fans have a top-of-the-line subwoofer to not only complete, but perfect, their home theater experience.”

The Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 subwoofers will be available through authorized retailers sometime this month. MSRPs are listed as $199 and $299, respectively.


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