Electronic House is 25 Years Old

To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at the technologies, installations and innovations that helped shape the industry.


It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have the web. Or just think about what our world was like without cell phones. Heck, it wasn’t that long ago that VCRs were the must-have device for a media room.

Electronic House magazine, which turns 25 in September, was there when many key consumer electronics technologies were introduced. We’ve been there when Divx flopped and when high-def forged on to become “the only way to watch TV.” We’ve seen home control systems come and go, and new technologies like streaming media and 3D take hold. We featured homes that were automated with simple X-10 devices and those that took a crack at voice recognition as a way to turn lights and appliances on and off.

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To commemorate our 25 years in the industry, we will be posting an ongoing series of stories on our website that show how home electronics has evolved over the years. We’ll show you what some of the biggest hits and misses were, how technology in the home has evolved from products cobbled together by hobbyists to sophisticated systems seamlessly integrated by professional designers and installers. We’ll also speculate on what’s going to be hot in the future: biometrics, 4D, paper-thin TVs?

Tell us what you think. We’d also like to hear about your past experiences with technology? Maybe you’ve lived with smart systems in your home for several years. We’d like to hear about that, too. Email us your story and photos to lmontgomery@ehpub.com. We will begin posting stores on electronichouse.com in June, concluding with special Silver Anniversary coverage in the September issue of Electronic House magazine.


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