EH Buyer’s Scorecard: Optoma 3D-XL 3D Projector Adapter

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Whether you like it or not, 3D is slowly leaking into home theaters everywhere. Well, not really everywhere.

If you’ve got one of Optoma’s 3D-ready 720p projectors, you probably know that it doesn’t play nicely with 3D source components, such as a Blu-ray 3D player or the PlayStation 3. So while you probably had good intentions to get a movie-theater-sized 3D setup going, it just doesn’t work well out of the box.

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Enter Optoma’s 3D-XL 3D Projector Adapter. This device is sort of the middleman, connecting between 3D-capable components, such as that Blu-ray 3D player, and that Optoma 3D 720p projector. Besides translating the HDMI 1.4a signal for the HDMI 1.3 projector, it also scales 1080p images to the 720p that the projector can handle.

Packing two HDMI 1.4 inputs, one USB port and a RS-232 serial port, the 3D-XL is compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV (480i), EDTV (480i), and HDTV (720p, 1080i/p) formats.

What the Manufacturer Says

The Optoma 3D-XL enables you to immerse yourself in sporting events, video games and movies like never before. The 3D-XL unlocks the 3rd dimension and adds depth to your viewing and gaming experience so you feel the onscreen action.
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Reviews and Ratings from Around the Web

Optoma 3D-XL

3D converter box

Life-size 3D!

Low price

Includes one pair of glasses

No remote

2 boxes needed for 1080p/passive

Big Picture Big Sound
“Oh, the exquisite detail of a Blu-ray 3D Disc and the illusion of depth can be dramatic — particularly on a high-end full HD 1080p plasma or LED/LCD flat panel set — but the 3D illusion is compromised when the image doesn’t even come close to filling your field of vision. Nothing makes a large flat panel TV look small like putting on a 3D movie. The 3D-XL gets around this problem handily by allowing you to use a screen size of 100 inches or more, without a second mortgage or a high interest short term loan from some guy named Vinny.”
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“If you have decided 3D is the way to go there is no better product in my mind at this point in time then the 3D-XL coupled with your favorite 3D ready projector. You will have a MUCH more immersive picture then anything you will see at your local theater, and this box can handle a lot of different formats. I have yet to see anything that can stand up to it.”
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Trusted Reviews
“There are some pretty amazing things about the 3D-XL. Starting with its truly startling cheapness. And the fact that it can upgrade some models of projectors you might already own to 3D, rather than requiring you to buy a whole new 3D projector system. Also brilliant is its suppression of 3D’s dreaded crosstalk noise. However, its 3D effect isn’t entirely convincing at times – or at least it seems to demand more effort from your brain and eyes than we felt entirely comfortable with.”
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What Electronic House Says

We have to give Optoma points for being unique. Currently, there is absolutely nothing like the 3D-XL out in the market. It can be a great addition for those that have already invested in one of the compatible 720p projectors. Even better, it delivers the 3D content, as advertised. Also, the 3D-XL has a very respectable MSRP of $399. While we’d probably appreciate the box at $100 cheaper, it makes putting together a 3D projector setup a lot easier and certainly more affordable.

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