EH Buyer’s Scorecard: JVC DLA-X7 D-ILA 3D Projector

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Like it or not, the 3D movement has moved way beyond the local Cineplex. Movie studios are have been releasing more Blu-ray 3D titles, and 3D features are becoming a standard on newer HDTVs. Of course, many manufacturers are looking to recreate the full theater experience at home, which means that we’re seeing more 3D projectors for home theater use.

If you’re going to go 3D, you’ll want to go big. How does 100 inches at about 11 feet away sound? It doesn’t really matter how it sounds, because if you have JVC’s DLA-X7 D-ILA 3D Projector, it should look absolutely phenomenal.

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As part of the company’s Procision Series, the DLA-X7 is a 3-chip D-ILA front projector boasting a full 1080p HD image and a 70,000:1 native contrast ratio. According to JVC, the DLA-X7 also happens to be one of the first front projectors to get THX 3D certification. That means it’s been through the ringer, and about 400 different lab tests to evaluate color, crosstalk, viewing angles and other specs — all in an effort to deliver the best possible image.

Designed for 2D and 3D use, the DLA-X7 also comes packing an HQV Reon-VX video processor, 7-axis Color Management, on-screen gamma control, a 2x motorized zoom lens with motorized focus, and ISF certification. Also, since you probably don’t want to use the thing for shadow puppets, the projector’s dual HDMI 1.4a inputs, the component input, and the D-sub 15-pin PC input should all come in handy.

What the Manufacturer Says

The DLA-X7 is designed around JVC’s third generation D-ILA High Dynamic Range optical engine that is optimized to provide exceptional native contrast without a dynamic iris to artificially enhance contrast specifications. As a consequence, it can simultaneously reproduce bright, vivid colors, subtle shadows and deep, true blacks.
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Reviews and Ratings from Around the Web

JVC DLA-X7 Projector

D-ILA 3D Home Theater Projector

Excellent 2D and 3D performance

THX 3D Certified

99 custom screen presets

Setup can be tricky

3D glasses & emitter sold separately

Home Theater Review
“Indeed, the only caveat in my otherwise enthusiastic recommendation of the DLA-X7 is the less expensive DLA-X3′s cost-to-performance ratio. I’ll leave that part to you and your checkbook, but note that the DLA-X7′s color tweakability and 3D improvements sold me.”
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Sound and Vision
“It was with ‘Avatar,’ though, that I really got it. Not just how great this projector is, but the whole idea of watching 3D at home. Here was a reasonably bright, but also huge, 3D image. It looked better than when I saw it in the theater (this admittedly isn’t much of a compliment), giving me a whole new appreciation for what Genius Jim did with the movie. So many little things have depth — realistic depth — like reflections in glass or layers in a cockpit. The X7 reproduced all of these wonderfully, with no visible crosstalk. There was occasionally some jerkiness to the motion, but I’ve found this to be the case with most 3D I’ve watched.”
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Tech Radar
“However impressive the X7′s 3D pictures might be, 3D viewing will probably only occupy a small proportion of your total viewing time (unless you’re James Cameron). So it’s handy that the X7 is also a terrific 2D projector… On top of its impressive handling of dark sequences are punchy whites that are a big step forward from last year’s models, intense colours and clean motion handling, even without resorting to the provided motion processing circuitry.”
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What Electronic House Says

It may be the middle-of-the-road model (in between the the $4,495 DLA-X3 and the $11,995 DLA-X9), but the JVC DLA-X7 is the tops no matter what type of material you throw at it. It would have been nice if the company included the 3D necessities (glasses and the emitter) for that $7995 MSRP. Some may scoff at the price, especially given the lack of those freebies. However, the DLA-X7 appears to be worth every single penny, even if it didn’t come packing 3D features. The fact that it does have them, though — and delivers them so incredibly well — just may make you a 3D convert yet.

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