EH Buyer’s Scorecard: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3010e Projector

A closer look at this 2D/3D 1080p projector, from in-house and around the web.


Epson has made quite the name for itself in the projector category. The company has plenty of projector models to choose from, making them a contender for that big-screen solution. Even better, they are cranking out quality products at affordable prices.

One of the company’s most recent models is the PowerLite Home Cinema 3010e. If that name looks familiar, it’s because the company currently has a 3010. That little e stands for “everything” — as in everything you’d want from a projector. OK, maybe not. Instead, the e stands for wireless. We like our description better, though.

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The wireless comes from a feature known as WirelessHD. This promises to transmit and receive HD content over short distances, all without wires. So say you want to drag Epson’s projector out for an entertainment-starved BBQ crowd. This feature means that you shouldn’t have to bring the Blu-ray player along as well.

You also don’t need speakers, as the 3LCD 3010e has two of those built-in. More importantly, it can do full 1080p HD, as well as 3D content — if you want to kick in a few extra bucks for the 3D glasses.

Other features include 2200 lumens of color and white light output, a contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1, manual focus and zoom, and a split-screen feature for viewing multiple games or movies at the same time, in 2D. It also has plenty of slots for essential AV components, including two HDMI inputs, one composite and three component options, a PC input, two USB ports, and an RS-232 port.

What the Manufacturer Says

“The PowerLite Home Cinema 3010e with WirelessHD, brings the power of 3D right to your living room. Immerse yourself in eye-popping 3D adventures, 2200 lumens color and white light output1, full HD, 1080p performance and a remarkable contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1. Amazing audio with two powerful built-in 10 W stereo speakers. This high-value home theater projector also features great 2D performance. It’s never been easier to entertain family and friends with a true-to-life 3D cinematic experience. 3D glasses sold separately.”
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Reviews and Ratings from Around the Web

PowerLite Home Cinema 3010e

1080p 2D/3D projector

Supports both 2D and 3D content

Full 1080p HD

WirelessHD connects to components up to 30 ft.

3D are sold separately

Talk of some 3D crosstalk

Home Theater Review
“The Epson Home Cinema 3010e is a very good all-purpose projector in the budget category. Its brightness helps it deliver an engaging (albeit not perfectly clean) 3D picture and also gives it excellent versatility to watch HDTV, sports, and other bright content in a room that lacks light control, yet it still offers good performance with movies in a darker environment.”
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PC Magazine
“If the 3010e were a little more consistently comfortable to watch 3D with, it would be an easy pick for Editors’ Choice. As it is, however, the crosstalk in 3D is a bit too strong an argument against it.”
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Projector Central
“For those who do not care about 3D and whose primary concern is to have an outstanding high contrast home theater projector for dark room viewing, the Home Cinema 8350 remains a formidable option and an excellent value in Epson’s product line.”
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What Electronic House Says

For under $1,700 (on Amazon), it’s hard to beat the Epson Home Cinema 3010e. It offers all of the bells and whistles we’d expect from a projector at this price. It’s also a nice option for those of you that want to share that big-screen love with other areas of the home, as well as outside. A few of the reviews (including those from users) mention crosstalk issues when viewing 3D. Of course, there have been plenty of arguments against that issue as well, but buyer beware. That said, if you have no plans to use the projector for 3D, you should be in the clear and extremely happy with this purchase.

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