Dynaudio Debuts Xeo Wireless Loudspeakers

Dynaudio's Xeo 3 compact monitor and Xeo 5 floorstanding speakers are both completely wireless.


Speaker placement can be hard enough without worrying about wire lengths and fishing through walls. Dynaudio plans to make speakers a lot easier, with the introduction of its new Xeo line.

The Xeo line includes two models: the compact Xeo 3 bookshelf monitor and the slim Xeo 5 floor-standing speaker. Both are completely wireless, and include a remote for easy operation.

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According to Dynaudio, both can also deliver audio playback with full CD resolution — meaning high-end quality with no compression.

Each model packs in 27mm soft dome tweeters and 14.5cm long-throw mid/woofers with Dynaudio’s propretary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cones. No speaker cables, D/A converters, amps, software or IP addresses are needed.

Of course, one wire is needed — to connect the Xeo speaker to an outlet. Also, you’ll need to connect the Xeo Transmitter to a sound source. From there, the Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 loudspeakers receive the music signal digitally from transmitter, and process the signal digitally until amplification. Dynaudio says that the Transmitter can send at full CD resolution, up to 16 bit/48 kHz and can even support up to 24 bit/48 kHz.

“With the Xeo, Dynaudio aims to bring the high performance sound that the audiophile market requires in line with today’s demands of a wider audience who is interested in intelligent designs, the latest technologies and a simple and convenient platform to listen to music in higher sound quality,” says Wilfried Ehrenholz, Dynaudio’s CEO. “First and foremost, Xeo is wireless audio. But it is wireless high end, which means Xeo is also a true Dynaudio.”

Depending on the room shape and characteristics, one Transmitter can deliver the signal up to 100 meters. That included remote allows users to power speakers on and off, flip between sources on three available inputs, and adjust volume.

Dynaudio will start shipping the Xeo models in March. The Xeo 3 can be purchased in a package with two speakers, one Transmitter and the remote, for $2,300. Extra Xeo 3 speakers are available, with the remote only, for $1,950 per pair. The Xeo 5 package is $4,500, or you can buy those without the transmitter for $4,150 per pair. The Transmitter will also be available as a stand-alone item, for $350 each.


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