Dynaudio Debuts New Confidence C1 Signature Speakers

The series upgrade promises new tweeters, new internal wiring, and an overall better performance.


Need a little confidence? Dynaudio may not be able to help your self-esteem, but they do have a little something that can rock your audio setup. The company just announced its new and improved Confidence C1 Signature speaker series.

The difference is in the “Signature” moniker, which is what designates the new series. The second-gen models will include the Confidence C1 Signature, C2 Signature, C4 Signature, and Center Signature.

Aside from the new name, the Signature series promises two new handcrafted wood veneer finishes (dark-brown Mocca or dark-red Bordeaux), as well as better crossover, and upgraded internal wiring. Part of that improvement is thanks to Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC) and the new Esotar tweeter. The latter has a 28mm fabric dome and Dynaudio’s precision coating, boasting a smooth response and authentic reproduction of all of those teeny tiny musical details.

All bass drives have light, thermally stable aluminum coils wound on special heat-resistant Kapton formers. Dynaudio says that the combination of the advanced voice coil construction, the Magnesium Silicate Polymer diaphragms and the ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum frame enables a precise and dynamic bass performance.

Each Signature model also has an aluminum back-plate adorned with the signature of Dynaudio’s founder and sole owner, Wilfried Ehrenholz.

The new Confidence models will also be available in the company’s standard finish offerings, designating such as the Confidence C1 II, C2 II, C4 II, and Center II, respectively. Those Confidence II models will feature a 5-year warranty, while the Signature models get 10 years.

The Confidence Signature and Confidence II models will start shipping in June 2011. Confidence C1 Signature models have an MSRP of $8,300. The Confidence C2 Signature jumps to $15,000, the Confidence C4 Signature is $22,000, and the Confidence Center Signature is $8,300 each.

The Dynaudio Confidence II series will come in slightly lower, at $7,500 for the Confidence C1 II, $13,500 for the Confidence C2 II, and $20,000 for the Confidence C4 II. The Confidence Center II has an MSRP of $7,500 each. All prices listed are per pair, except where noted.


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