DVDO Puts InstaPrevue into 4K HDMI Switcher

The new Quick6 has Ultra HD switching, 3D support, Audio Channel Return and MHL.


HDMI has become the preferred way to connect AV components. Besides connecting the audio and video with one cable, it assures that high-def quality. Well, your receiver only has a certain number of inputs. With so many new AV devices being released each year/week/day, you may need an HDMI switcher to squeeze some of them in.

DVDO has a new HDMI switcher to add in a few extra components — as well as a few high-tech features. The company just released the Quick6, which has slots for four (300MHz) 4K Ultra HD-capable devices and two MHL-enabled inputs to accommodate to mobile devices.

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It also has support for Silicon Image’s InstaPrevue technology, which is a nice little perk. That’s because this option allows for a live picture-in-picture preview of each connected HDMI device. That means that you won’t have to guess what is connected where; it’s all on-screen for a quick peek.

Designed to integrate with existing AV receivers, the Quick6 adds in new technologies like 4K and MHL, but can also be used to drive content to two displays, via dual HDMI outputs. Other features include Audio Return Channel (ARC), InstaPort S, picture-in-picture, S/PDIF optical and coax outputs, a USB port, and more.

“We are excited to offer this valuable HDMI management solution for consumers and integrators,” said C.H. Chee, general manager of DVDO. “Not only can Quick6 enable live previews of five HDMI inputs through InstaPrevue, it’s also future proofed with 4K Ultra HD support and MHL technology to connect the smartphone to the TV. Quick6 is our answer to consumers’ increasing technology needs and a great addition to the current DVDO lineup of video connectivity solutions.”

The Quick6 is available now, via authorized DVDO distributors, dealers and online partners. DVDO has priced the product with a $399 MSRP.


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