DVDO Air3 Delivers Wireless HD from HDMI and MHL

The new adapter promises full 1080p60 HD content, all without wires.

A lot of companies are making it possible to get audio and video from point A to point B, all without wires. DVDO is taking that technology a step further with a new product known as the Air3.

The Air3 is a WirelessHD adapter that can deliver full 1080p60 HD content from HDMI and DVI, as well as MHL-capable devices. That MHL support is the hook, making it possible to put video, games and more from MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets right up on the big screen.

Based on 60GHz WirelessHD 1.1 technology, the Air3 also has an HDMI 1.4 input and output, a MHL 2.0 input, support for 3D and 7.1 audio, and CEC passthrough.

“Building on the award-winning first-generation DVDO Air, the Air3 adds support for MHL connectivity for mobile devices as well as DVI for commercial applications. Featuring the latest WirelessHD implementation further increases reliability and performance for installations where a cable is not desired or practical,” said C.H. Chee, general manager of DVDO. “Its sleek form factor is designed to conform to ultra-thin TVs and various mounting options make the entire setup process effortless.”

DVDO is selling the Air3 now, with an MSRP of $199.99.

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