Draper’s Nocturne Projection Screen is Outdoorsy

The company's latest is designed for use on your patio, pool deck, or anywhere else outside.


It’s easy to make the great outdoors a little greater — and a lot more entertaining. Draper is doing its part, announcing the Nocturne screen for outdoor use.

The Nocturne is designed for use on the patio, by the pool deck, or anywhere else that’s outside. The product includes a weather- and insect-resistant solid aluminum headbox, as well as a built-in hinge for easy installation and service.

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Even better, because the product is so sleek, it shouldn’t distract you from the beauty of Mother Nature.

Available in both motorized (Series E) or crank-operated (Series C) versions, the Nocture ships standard with cable guides and a weighted dowel, for an easy, stable install.

Draper plans to show off the Nocturne screen at next month’s CEDIA Expo. The show runs from September 8-10, 2011, in Indianapolis, Ind.


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