Don’t Blow Your Cool or Your Speakers

Audioholics has a few tips on how to keep your speakers in pristine condition.


You’ve spent a ton of money putting together the perfect AV setup. Of course, that includes a nice set of speakers. Whether you have two, five or too many to count, you really need to take care of that system. That means that your speakers aren’t there to hold your drinks or your friend’s drinks. It also means knowing when enough is enough.

While we love having the opportunity to push an AV setup to its limit, it actually does have limits. Speakers can actually blow — and once that happens, there’s no going back. All of that money that you spent will sound like a crackling, hissing mess.

However, there’s more to protecting speakers than just keeping the volume down. Our friends at Audioholics have put together a short, sweet checklist on How to Avoid Blowing Out Your Speakers.

One of the site’s tips involves the subwoofer — which is a speaker, by the way. Here’s what Audioholics has to say:

If you can’t seem to get enough bass out of your subwoofer, instead of cranking up the volume try changing the location of the subwoofer. By placing a subwoofer in a corner you can boost the output, but sometimes at the expense of sound quality.

If you want more info on How to Avoid Blowing Out Your Speakers, check out the article on the Audioholics website or discuss this topic in the site’s Forum.


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