Dolby and Philips Partner Up for Dolby 3D

The new standard promises full HD 3D for all 3D devices.


Dolby has been dealing with the 3D format since there’s been a format, but now the company is adding something new into the equation.

The company just announced that they are making sweet love with Philips to make the even sweeter Dolby 3D format. The new standard wants to bring full HD 3D to all 3D-capable devices, whether it’s a TV or a tablet — with or without 3D glasses.

The format will supposedly play nice with everyone, scaling content to both small screens and big screens, without sacrificing quality.

“We believe that Dolby 3D can help drive the adoption of 3D — creating a comfortable, customizable, truly enjoyable glasses-free 3D viewing experience while enhancing 3D display performance,” said Ramzi Haidamus, Dolby’s executive VP of sales and marketing “Armed with the innovative glasses-free 3D display technology from Philips, based on years of extensive research and development in the field, we plan to bring the same philosophy to 3D that Dolby has brought to the audio space — integrating our technologies and strengths throughout the entire content chain. Consumers will know that when they see Dolby 3D content on a 3D-enabled device, it will look its very best.”

The duo plans to work with manufacturers of display panels and entertainment devices, with a focus on standardization and licensing of the technology.

Dolby is currently showing off Dolby 3D at this week’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.


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