DIYer Shakes Up Game Room Floor with Bass Shakers

An avid gamer puts some boom into his room, via four K-Woon Bass Shakers.


There are hundreds of manufacturers looking to enhance gaming with various add-ons. One DIYer took it upon himself to create the ultimate gaming experience — which involves his entire body.

We’re not talking about the PlayStation Move, the Wii or the Kinect. Instead, YouTube user seanseanseanseansean has posted the maiden voyage of his creation, which involves four K-Woon VWS-100 Bass Shakers installed under the floor in his game room.

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Bass Shakers are typically installed in home theater seats and couches, sending sound waves through the furniture during low-frequency effects. However, Sean put them under the floor of his game room. More specifically, they are under the space where his gaming chair sits. In the video, he doesn’t explain why he didn’t go the typical chair route, but this will surely make his gaming more of a group experience.

With the audio amp set to 50Hz and his Star Wars blaster ready to rumble (literally), Sean displays the effects of his project using a glass of water and a bit of shaky cam. Take a peek at the video below to see what happens — and if you’re wondering where he got that Star Wars-themed mat, check out his DIY video on that project as well.


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