DISH’s Virtual Joey App Now Available on the PS3

The app provides access to the Hopper's live and recorded programs, without the need for another box.

At CES back in January, DISH Network announced several new additions to company’s popular Hopper line. The plan was to add three different Joey options to the award-winning Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR platform.

In case you aren’t familiar, the Joey is the magical box that puts all of the functionality from the Hopper DVR into additional rooms in the house. That way, you won’t need extra DVRs; the Joey can tap into all of the live and recorded programming from a single Hopper DVR.

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However, the latest Joey isn’t an actual box. The Virtual Joey is a software app that can put everything the Joey offers on the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, and LG’s Smart TVs. While we’re not sure what’s going on with the last two options, Sony did just make the announcement that the Virtual Joey has launched for the PS3.

Once installed, the Virtual Joey app allows Hopper owners to access live TV, recordings, video-on-demand and navigation of the electronic program guide, all using that existing gaming console. No additional wires or boxes are needed. Instead, the app communicates with the Hopper over your home’s Ethernet connection. To navigate through the Hopper, you can use a PS3 controller or your DISH remote.

DISH also plans to make the Virtual Joey app available to PS4 users sometime this year, although no official date has been announced yet. To download the Virtual Joey app for the PS3, go to the apps section of the PlayStation Store or check out the My Channels and What’s New sections of the PS3 XMB.

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