DISH and Winegard Team Up for a Pair of Portable TV Satellites

The Pathway X1 and X2 can provide HDTV in the backyard or on the go.

It’s hard to imagine it right now, but spring and summer are on the way. Several of you have already started planning for the warmer weather, with plans for outdoor entertainment. Some may be going all out, by adding an outdoor theater.

While there are several outdoor theater components, from the screen and projector to speakers and seating, DISH Network has just unveiled a little something for the true outdoor enthusiast: a portable TV satellite. Actually, DISH is introducing two new portable satellites, in conjunction with Winegard. The new Pathway X1 and Pathway X2 are two new lightweight, portable satellites that can deliver HD in the backyard or pretty much anywhere else you’d want it.

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Even more interesting is that you don’t have to be a DISH customer to use either one. The Pathway X1 and X2 work on a pay-as-you-go model, charging a monthly fee with no minimum term commitment. So you can opt to have satellite service in the backyard all summer, without paying fees for the other nine months of the year. However, if decide to take it out of the backyard for a winter tailgate, that’s also an option.

That said, you will need a DISH receiver. That could make this option more enticing for current DISH subscribers. The company says that customers can add a Pathway system to any current account for just $7 a month.

The Pathway X1 is supposedly the smallest portable antenna available today. The Pathway X2 is a bit larger, but allows for HD channels on two TVs simultaneously.

Each device can deliver every HD English channel available to residential subscribers, as well as SiriusXM music channels within DISH Network’s America’s Top 120 package or higher. Both also promise an easy setup process, thanks to self-pointing satellite acquisition technology.

The Pathway X1 and X2 are compatible with DISH Network’s Solo HD receivers, such as the 411, ViP 211, ViP 211k and ViP 211z. In other words, these products don’t work with any of the newer Hopper boxes. The Pathway X2 is being sold for $449. It can also be bundled with the ViP 211z receiver for $499. The Pathway X1 has a bundle price of $549, with the receiver selling on its own for $499.

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