DIRECTV Launches 4K Ultra HD VOD on Samsung TVs

The satellite provider is now offering 4K content to those with the Genie HD DVR and a Samsung UHD TV.

This could still be the year of 4K. Companies are squeezing in content, just under the wire. The latest to announce an offering is DIRECTV.

You may want to call in sick or cancel whatever you had scheduled for tonight. The satellite provider just announced plans to start streaming 4K Ultra HD video-on-demand today. However, there are a few stipulations.

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First of all, you’ll need a Samsung 4K TV, since DIRECTV is making this an exclusive — for now, anyway. You’ll also need the DIRECTV Genie HD DVR (HR34 and above).

The initial offering will include new releases, popular films and nature documentaries, all with nearly four times the resolution of high-def. That lineup will have movies from Paramount Pictures and K2 Communications, including Transformers: Age of Extinction, 2009′s Star Trek, Forrest Gump, Yellowstone, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti, and more. DIRECTV says that lineup will grow in the near future.

“For more than 20 years, DIRECTV has been changing the way people watch TV as the first to move the industry from analog to digital to HD and now the ultimate TV experience with 4K TV,” said Romulo Pontual, executive vice president and CTO of DIRECTV. “The picture quality and depth of detail that 4K provides is nothing short of remarkable and we will continue to expand our 4K lineup as consumer demand grows and evolves.”

VOD rentals range from $3.99 to $15.99 each. To find out more about getting 4K VOD with DIRECTV, check out the provider’s website.

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” photo courtesy of Paramount, Hasbro and Andrew Cooper.

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