Dimensional Optics Debuts 3D Glasses for Prescription Users

Two new products offer 3D fans with glasses the option for a comfortable viewing experience.


We know a lot of you hate the look and feel of 3D glasses — some a lot more than others. If you wear glasses on a regular basis, you probably know how downright uncomfortable the viewing experience can be.

Now Dimensional Optics wants to make the 3D option a little more comfortable, announcing 3VIEW Fit Over 3D Eyewear for prescription eyewear users.

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The 3VIEW Fit Over 3D Eyewear line features a total of two products. The 3VIEW Slip On 3D eyewear is designed to fit over plastic, metal and rimless glasses. The 3VIEW Clip & Flip 3D eyewear is just what it sounds like; it clips to your glasses and can flip up when not in use.

Both models feature passive 3D technology, so you can wear them to the theater or with LG, Toshiba and VIZIO passive 3D TV sets. This solution doesn’t work with active 3D TV sets.

Dimensional Optics is selling both versions of the 3VIEW Fit Over 3D Eyewear now. Snap up one of each, if you’d like; both solutions sell for $12.95 each.

LG offers it’s own clip-ons for passive 3D TVs here for $19.99


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