Digital Projection Offering Lamp Life Line

Free lamp replacement in 2nd and 3rd warranty year.


We won’t hide the fact that at Electronic House we’re big fans of projection-based home theaters and media rooms. Still, we know some people are hesitant to make that leap from a flat-panel TV to a big screen a projector. Digital Projection Inc is offering free replacement lamps for three years to make that decision a little easier.

That’s right, projectors require lamps (blubs, light things, whatever), and those lamps don’t last forever. The typical lamp life on a DLP projector is about 2,000 hours, and that will vary depending on the viewing mode and other conditions. Replacing that lamp can cost a few hundred dollars (or a lot more, depending on your projector), plus you’ll probably need to have the projector recalibrated after you replace the lamp.

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Digital Projection is making this new peace-of-mind offer, called Lamp Freedom, for a limited time—between May 1, 2013 and June 30, 2013 for buyers of HIGHlite and Titan projectors. The offer is good for the second and third year of the projector’s three-year warranty, because presumably if you burn out a lamp in the first year there’s something else wrong or maybe you just need to spend more time outside.

How much will this actually apply to end-users? That depends on how much you use your projector. If it’s in a dedicated theater room and you only use the theater for special occasions or weekend movie nights, then you likely will won’t burn out a lamp before the warranty is over. If your projector is in a multipurpose or media room, and you use it more like a TV, then you probably will benefit from this program. I use my projector about 14 hours a week, which over three years puts the lamp hours just a little over 2,000. It’s perfectly plausible in a situation like that, especially if the projector is driven hard in a high-brightness mode, that the lamp will give out before the warranty.

To qualify, end-users simply purchase and take delivery of HIGHlite and TITAN 3-chip projectors by 6/31. This qualifies the end-user to order one set of replacement lamps, at no cost, in each of years 2 and 3.

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