Denon Parts Inside Simaudio’s $18K Moon CP-8 AV Processor?

Audioholics gives a little peek at this pricey AV component.

Simaudio has some really interesting products. They’re also quite pricey. While most AV geeks would be over the moon about the company’s new Moon CP-8 Preamp/Processor, only a select group would be willing to splurge on the component’s $18,000 price tag.

Well, Simaudio says that the CP-8 is designed for sophisticated and high-performance audio/video systems. It’s also the company’s flagship surround preamp/processor, with digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, an oversized power supply, an RS-232 connection, 12-volt triggers, and much more.

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Now, is it worth that purchase price? Audioholics has dissected the component, labeling it as “mildly interesting.” That’s probably because writer Marshall Guthrie found a lot of similarities between the $18K component and a $1,200 AVR from Denon. Guthrie notes that the unit’s display and even the manual bore a striking resemblance to Denon’s work. However, the similarities seemed to go on.

“The similarities carried over to the back panel. Differences in the Simaudio from the Denon included an additional optical input and balanced pre-outs, but otherwise, the configurations were strikingly similar, from the analog inputs, right down to the ‘Dock Control.’”

It’s important to note that Guthrie did say that the inside of the CP-8 is very much different. However, he also confronted Simaudio about the issue.

To check out Simaudio’s response, as well as Guthrie’s conclusions, read the writeup. You can also share your thoughts on his findings and the product in the Audioholics forum.

A peek inside Simaudio’s Moon CP-8.

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