Definitive’s A60 Module Adds Dolby Atmos to BP-8060ST Speakers

The new A60 Elevation Speaker Module adds Atmos support to existing BP-8060ST floor-standing speakers.

Definitive's BP-8060ST floor-standing speakers.

Definitive Technology is extending a little Dolby Atmos love to one of its most popular speakers. The company just announced plans to release the A60 Elevation Speaker Module, an add-on that will put the power of Dolby Atmos into existing BP-8060ST floor-standing speakers.

The A60 module is designed to blend in with the BP-8060ST. It actually just clips to the top of the speaker, acting as the dedicated Dolby Atmos-enabled “height speaker.” It even has a wire management guide so the setup won’t look cluttered with wires and add-ons. Once connected to the speaker and a Dolby Atmos-enabled AV receiver, the module can decode and deliver Dolby Atmos sound. The module actually uses a channel for overhead positioning of sonic images and multi-dimensional sound, making it seem like everything from helicopters to birds are hovering above.

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“Dolby Atmos is a groundbreaking achievement in home theater,” said Joel Sietsema, director of brand management for Definitive Technology. “Integrating this technology in our existing speakers is just one of the ways we are advancing the next-generation of the home theater entertainment experience.”

Definitive Technology will start shipping the A60 Elevation Speaker Module in August, priced at $499 per pair.

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