Deco Divine


Silver Winner: Themed Theater

To some, this theater’s “cool factor” is the lavish art deco design by celebrity theater designer Theo Kalomirakis. The eat candy includes silvery, upward-soaring architectural swirls and cascading banks of gold and silver, a regal red sofa and theater curtain, and the double deco-styled bars (one in the rear and one in the eight-seat balcony).

To others, the theater’s true coolness is in the perfect level of technological restraint: Murray Kunis, owner of electronics installation firm Future Home in Los Angeles, abstained from overloading the room with the biggest, baddest gear. Instead, he crafted a sophisticated selection of reference-quality equipment to provide the utmost in audio/video refinement. “There are about three brands that I’d feel comfortable [with] for this room,” Kunis says.

“Designing a theater of this magnitude isn’t like designing a listening room,” he continues. “Sure, you can debate for days about why one speaker is better than another, but in a theater you’re trying to re-create the theatrical experience, which is based upon a reference on a dubbing stage. So it can’t be better than the reference, but it has to be as accurate as possible.”

This theater’s mission is about reproducing every sliver of sound, and projecting images at a particular color temperature—exactly the way the film’s creators intended. “That’s why we used the same screen used at the dubbing station,” Kunis says of the 16-foot-wide Stewart Filmscreen 3D screen, which is paired with a Digital Projection Titan Reference 1080p DLP projector.

Audio refinements include top-of-the-line JBL Synthesis Everest speakers, which fill a capacious room without distortion, and Mark Levinson amps and processors—the industry standard for high-end audio, which have the wherewithal to fill a very large venue. “This is exactly what the Levinsons are intended for, and the 3-chip DLP is the industry standard for proper digital cinema,” Kunis adds.

Design & Installation

Future Home, West Los Angeles, Calif.,


Westpoint Development, Las Vegas, Nev.

Theater Designer

Theo Kalomirakis Theaters, New York, N.Y.

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“There are very few companies in the country that routinely do a room of this scale. And we’re honored to be one of those.”

Orchestral Organization
Custom electronics (CE) pro Murray Kunis, a classically trained clarinet player who’s also armed with a music engineering degree, understands the importance of managing a gargantuan music collection. Instead of hiring a bespectacled librarian to catalog the owner’s vast music collection, Kunis installed a Kaleidescape media server. “From what I’ve seen, Kaleidescape has the most powerful music-management software,” he says.

Consider Leonard Bernstein’s boxed CD set, Leonard Bernstein Beethoven: The 9 Symphonies. Most standard media server software, Kunis says, will identify the artist as “Bernstein” instead of “Ludwig van Beethoven,” which poses a problem for most classical connoisseurs. Kaleidescape’s sophisticated software, however, has the ability to retrieve every Beethoven masterpiece with a “play all my Beethoven” search.

Another benefit: Unlike many media servers, Kaleidescape stores music in uncompressed, true CD quality. And when paired with a Crestron control system, the album artwork appears directly on the touchscreen for ease of reference. EH


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