Death Star Wall Tiles Are a Force in This Home Theater

Tom Spina Designs says its latest project is a subtle addition to this Star Wars-inspired room.


Photo courtesy of Tom Spina Designs.

Earlier this summer, we showed off Tom Spina Designs’ handiwork, with a King Kong-inspired home theater collection. Now, it looks as if they’ve gone over to the Dark Side.

The company just debuted its latest project, a crop of three-dimensional wall tiles designed to look like the Death Star. According to Tom Spina Designs, the client wanted the look and feel of being on a starship. Think Darth Vader didn’t command the coolest spacecraft ever constructed?

Tom Spina Designs built the tiles, which run along the walls like wainscot. A total of 14 master tile sculptures were created, measuring 12-by-12 inches with a depth of 3 to 4 inches on each. The variety gives the walls a bit of a “chunky” appearance, with detail smaller in some spots.

That kind of craftsmanship makes it kind of hard for guests to actually focus on the screen and the main attraction. However, Tom Spina Designs worked in conjunction with Victor Brown, who installed the tiles under the screen and along the lower walls and steps. The company says placing the tiles lower kept things from getting too “over the top.” The room includes a whole Star Wars theme, complete with a number of replica mannequins. It seems like maybe they passed being subtle at least a few galaxies ago.

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If you feel the Force compelling you to get a little something for your room, Tom Spina Designs offers all kinds of custom-made goodies. In the meantime, check out the company’s drool-worthy Death Star creation in the video walkthrough below.


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