Dealing with Rocky Mounts

Hanging a flat-panel on a troublesome fireplace.


What can you do when you go to hang a flat-panel TV over a stone fireplace, and a rocky protrusion gets in the way? “Hopefully it is flat enough to work without issue, and good rock guys can be nice to you if you ask,” says John Oliver of systems installer Complete Home Electronics in Fraser, Colo. “But if not, use the plastic spacer pieces provided with some mounts to offset the back of the mount where it doesn’t meet the rock flush. Know where the studs are behind the rock or install blocking at rough-in to ensure you aren’t trusting the rock only.”

Oliver and the team at Complete Home Electronics also worked closely with the builder to ensure the gas fireplace contain a box behind the TV for an electrical outlet, surge protector and Crestron controller, and that the fireplace contain a wire chase for cables to a distributed audio and video system downstairs.

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