DealExtreme Promises Affordable Portable Projectors

DealExtreme offers free shipping on hundreds of projectors, for all home theaters and all budgets.


Christmas is approaching fast. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or the perfect party accessory, DealExtreme has the answer: a portable projector.

A portable projector allows you to have big-screen entertainment in the home theater, the living room, the garage, and the backyard — all using the same projector. It’s also built to travel, so you can show up to those seasonal parties with your own movie marathon.

Now, don’t expect those models to offer up the perfect 1080p HD image. There’s no Runco, no Optoma and no Panasonic here. However, there are projection options under $100. For under $150, there’s also the Home Theater Portable DVD Projector, which packs in a DVD player that doubles as a game console. We’re guessing that it won’t be compatible with PS3 or Wii games, but it does come with its own controller and game disc.

For something slightly more impressive, there’s the KN725. This is an LCoS projector that can do 720p HD, which is extremely respectable for a portable unit that’s just $303. Other features on the KN725 include the Rockchips RK2706 chipset, 4GB of internal flash memory, and a built-in multimedia player.

There are plenty of options to choose from, so take a peek and see if you can pick up any gifts for friends (or a little something for yourself). As an added bonus, DealExtreme offers free shipping on all orders.


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