Cyber Monday Sale at Antelope Audio

The manufacturer is knocking 15 percent off pieces in its product line.


We know that you’ve probably been inundated with sale offers and slashed prices over the past few days. However, some sales are more advertised than others.

That’s why we wanted to bring Antelope Audio to your attention. The company is currently hosting a Cyber Monday sale that you wouldn’t find in any type of circular. However, there are some very good deals here, with the manufacturer offering discounts on its entire product line (not including the new Orion 32, which is shipping next month).

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Contact your local dealer today, and you’ll save 15 percent on Antelope’s Isochrone line of master clocks, which includes the Trinity and 10M, as well as the company’s line of Zodiac DACs and the Eclipse 384 mastering AD/DA converter.

“This is a perfect opportunity for users to increase the performance of their infrastructures, whether they are project or commercial studio owners, live sound engineers or just music aficionados who favor listening to uncompromising audiophile-quality recordings,” commented Marcel James, director of sales for Antelope Audio USA. “Our clocks and converters are used in the most famous mastering houses and production facilities around the world and can make all the difference in attaining exceptional sound quality. What a great opportunity this is to step up to an Antelope system.”

According to Antelope Audio, Alto Music, AudioVision San Francisco, Calistro Music, Dale Pro Audio, Guitar Center, JSS, RSPE, SoundScienceCat, Sweetwater, Vintage King and Westlake Pro are all participating in the Cyber Monday promotion. If you’re outside of the U.S., you can also contact Canada’s Studio Econimik and Audio Gate International in Mexico about this offer.


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