Crimson AV Starts Shipping VersaFit In-Wall Mounting Systems

The company's in-wall solution works with a variety of compatible mounts.


A lot of you are getting ready to settle into a monster movie marathon and a bag of Snickers miniatures. However, for some, the scariest part about the entire evening is the mount that’s holding up your expensive HDTV.

A mount may seem like just another pile or metal, but it keeps that flat screen out of harm’s way — and more importantly, positions it for the best viewing angle possible. Crimson AV wants to make that add-on easier with its new VersaFit in-wall mounting system.

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This solution claims to be the only in-wall mounting solution, which requires zero modification during the entire installation process. That design makes it easy to blend the display in with existing decor, as well as hide any cables and associated hardware.

The VersaFit consists of a recessed in-wall box that mounts securely between studs behind almost any wall-mounted display. You’ll also need one of Crimson AV’s compatible mounts; the company has enough options to fit almost any install.

Crimson AV says that the VersaFit In-Wall Mounting Systems will start shipping this week. The company currently offers online ordering or you can call (or instant message) customer service for more information or a list of dealers in your area.


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