Crestron Debuts PLX3 Handheld Remote Control for Prodigy Systems

Homeowners can control automation systems from any room in the house.


Ever lie down in bed only to realize you left the kitchen light or living room TV on? Now, you don’t have to get out of your warm bed to turn appliances on or off.

Crestron’s PLX3 Prodigy handheld remote allows users to control everything from lights and thermostats to home theaters and security systems from anywhere in the home.

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Fred Bargetzi, Crestron vice president of technology, notes there are several benefits to using the 2.4 GHz mesh network technology.

“PLX3 combines the speed, simplicity and reliability of IR/RF remotes with the long-range mobility of WiFi,” says Bargetzi. “You can control your whole home without worrying about the common gripes of WiFi such as delays in button response and intermittent signal interruptions.”

The remote features a scroll knob and backlit push buttons to make the product easy to operate as well as configure.


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