Core Brands Debuts Proficient Audio Protégé Architectural Speakers

The revamped speaker line includes 31 models with a new Thin-Bezel design.

Core Brands is the parent company for all sorts of big brand names in the AV world, such as Niles, SpeakerCraft, Elan, Sunfire, and more. They also own Proficient Audio, which means that the new Protege Series is also part of the company’s portfolio.

The Protégé Series is a big deal because it comprises a lot of speakers — 31 models of architectural speakers and subwoofers, to be exact.

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Proficient just announced an update to the Protégé Series, which will ditch the wide plastic flange that surrounds most in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Instead, each model will include a new Thin-Bezel design. The end result is a sleeker look, which should be able to better blend into walls and ceilings.

Each model may look a little different, but the acoustics and engineering are all the same.

After all, why change it? The Proficient Protégé line has every type of flush-mount speaker you’d ever need. That lineup includes 18 in-ceiling speakers, 10 in-wall speakers, two in-wall subwoofers and one in-ceiling subwoofer.

“The Thin-Bezel design has become popular in the residential custom-installation market and we knew our dealers would love it,” said Core Brands’ Keith Marshall. “But we didn’t want them to have to get used to new models, especially since they like our signature sound so much already. That’s why we created Protégé as an adaptation of our existing speaker line. There’s nothing new for the dealer to learn. The installation procedure is basically the same, and even the model numbers are barely changed. So with practically no effort, our dealers can get a much nicer look in their installations. We think they’re going to readily adapt to it and we are quite confident that their customers will too.”

Core Brands will start shipping the new Proficient Protégé line in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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