Consumers Want a New HDTV for Super Bowl says that one in four shoppers are planning to buy a new TV before the Big Game.


All of those Super Bowl TV sales are not really in vain. According to a new survey by the website, people are actually looking to buy something big before the Big Game on February 5.

About one in four shoppers plan to buy a new HDTV in time for Super Bowl Sunday, says the company’s annual Television Super Bowl Survey. About 63 percent of those consumers also say that they will spend a little more this time around. However, even more surprising is that many of those shoppers just upgraded last season.

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Of the people that bought a new HDTV for last year’s game, 30 percent said that they will buy again this year, with another 28 percent considering that purchase.

“When it comes to the Super Bowl, consumers aren’t fazed by an unstable economy,” said Yung Trang, president and editor-in-chief of “They believe the best Super Bowl experience is at home, on a tricked-out TV system. Consumers still want the latest and greatest products, featuring the newest technology and they’re more than willing to spend the money on items that boost their enjoyment of the game.”

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest TV events of the year. Of course, not everyone can make it to the Big Game. Apparently, many don’t even want to, with 59 percent of those surveyed saying they would prefer to watch it at home versus in the stands. Maybe that’s why TV is so important, with 72 percent of football fans saying that the size of the TV definitely impacts that overall viewing experience.

A few other tidbits in the survey state:

  • 13 percent plan to spend less than $500.

  • 40 percent currently own a TV that’s 40 to 49 inches.
  • 45 percent currently own LCD.
  • 53 percent of shoppers want an LED HDTV.
  • 67 percent plan to buy online.

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