Condo Living Includes Hidden Technology

This New York City model home has a few tech surprises inside.


Photos courtesy of Unplggd, Lorraine Gimblett/Food Shelter.

Small spaces just don’t lend themselves to tons of technology, right? Tell that to the owner of this New York City condo.

Gregory Han at Unplggd found this model home, which is a model example of how smaller homeowners shouldn’t have to suffer — at least when it comes to technology. The 37-foot living/dining space features a Vivitek VIH1080FD 1080p projector, a JVC TH-BA1 soundbar, and a wireless subwoofer. Some of the technology is hidden inside a nearby media closet.

However, the theater isn’t the only tech tucked inside this compact living space. Other features include access and video monitoring via the Virtual Doorman, Sharp’s Microwave Drawer, and a built-in floor VacPan crumb vent.

Check out more photos at Unplggd.


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