Comcast Adds IP Control and Dolby Atmos to the X1

The control options and Dolby Atmos sound will turn this set-top into a true entertainment hub.

Comcast X1 - Dolby Atmos & IP control

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You spend a lot of time and money to make everything in your home theater room the best of the best. There are big screens, immersive Dolby Atmos systems with multiple speakers, and an endless amount of content available at your fingertips.

So why would you want to pair that home theater system with any old set-top box?

Comcast is looking to make the X1 platform a home theater essential. The company just announced plans to add IP control and Dolby Atmos to the set-top box sometime in the near future.

The new perks are part of the company’s plan to make the X1 the centerpiece of the home theater. And to make sure the X1 fits into your home theater, Comcast is putting all of those perks into a new box that was designed to fit easily into standard home theater racks.

IP control will allow your installer to easily add in the option of both standard and customized universal remote controls. That means you won’t have to use the remote that Comcast gives you—and the box will be just as easy to operate.

Adding Dolby Atmos support means that you’ll be able to experience three-dimensional sound right through that set-top. Dolby Atmos can deliver that type of sound from every angle, including above. There’s no word on what Dolby Atmos-enabled content you’ll be able to get through that box, but it’s coming. Of course, you’re also going to need a receiver that supports the audio format, as well as the speakers to project it. For more on this sound format, check out “Dolby Atmos is About to Invade Your Home Theater.”

“The program is focused on ensuring X1 and all Xfinity products are equipped with the most advanced technology available in the areas of video, audio, and integration. It also serves as a clearinghouse and central contact point for home integration companies to access tools and support that was previously not available to them,” says Neal Roberts, senior manager of special operations in TV at Comcast. “This allows the integrators to set up and adjust Comcast Services and ensures a smooth installation experience on the behalf of our joint customer.”

According to Comcast, the new specially designed, rack-mountable X1 set-top box is now available to home theater installers. The new offering is part of Comcast’s Custom Xfinity Integration (CXI) program. Just know that the IP control and the Dolby Atmos won’t be added to the box until early next year.

Comcast XFINITY is looking to make the X1 platform a home theater essential.

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