CLO Announces $149 TV Mount Controller

ControlWand combines a Wi-Fi dongle and an app for the iPad, iPod and/or iPhone.


Typically, there’s a sweet spot for viewing the TV. However, CLO wants to make any seat the best one, with its ControlWand system.

ControlWand is specifically designed to work with CLO’s motorized WallWizard mounts. The ControlWand system consists of a $149 Wi-Fi-enabled USB module and a free iPad, iPod and/or iPhone app.

Once you have the system in place, use the ControlWand to toggle between Auto, Manual and Gyro Modes, to set the best viewing angle for the TV. Auto is designed to position the TV to a predetermined spot when on, and back to its “home” position when off. Manual settings allow users to tweak. Last, but not least, the unique Gyro Mode reacts to the motion of the smartphone, using an internal accelerometer.

“The WallWizard ControlWand graphic user interface (GUI) is intuitively organized and utilizes a remote control design that both Apple and smartphone users will feel right at home using from the start,” says Craig Matthews, WallWizard’s VP of sales and marketing. “ControlWand’s advanced functionality and affordability significantly raises the bar in making television mount control a much more convenient and interactive experience.”

Designed specifically for the WallWizard TA55 medium/large tilt and SA52 medium/large swivel motorized mounts, the Wi-Fi USB Control Module is an exclusive for WallWizard dealers. The iPad/iPod/iPhone app can be downloaded for free from iTunes. An Android app should be coming soon.


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