Clark Synthesis Drops Prices on Transducers and Outdoor Speakers

The company will lower prices on its line of Professional Transducers and outdoor speakers.


The ST429 Platinum Transducer.

In trying times, some people don’t have money to sink into an expensive speaker setup — especially when those prices are higher than usual. Clark Synthesis had to increase some of its prices over the years, in order to make ends meet. The company did weather the storm. Now, they want to share in the celebration.

The company just announced plans to drop prices on some of its products, so that more customers can enjoy Clark Synthesis sound. According to a company spokesperson, the following products will receive price reductions:

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  • TST329 Gold Professional Transducer: $399.95 (previously $599.95)

  • TST429 Platinum Professional Transducer: $599.95 (previously $699.95)
  • AQ601 Aguaceiro MultiClimate Airspeaker: $599.95 (previously $799.95)
  • AQ626 Torden Multiclimate Subwoofer: $1,599.95 (previously $1,999.95)
  • All-Weather Professional Transducer: $449.95 (previously $649.95)

Prior to this price drop, Clark Synthesis found itself in a predicament, due to world events, including rising raw material costs, rising labor prices, and increased regulations. The company says that the price of neodymium alone has increased over 400 percent in recent years — and it’s an earth metal that the company uses in each of its transducers.

Fortunately, the cost of the metal has stabilized enough, allowing the company to make this kind of a move.

“The last few years have seen dramatic increases in the cost of labor and raw materials. When the price of neodymium skyrocketed, we had no choice but to raise prices on our line of transducers,” said said Bill Phillips, president of Clark Synthesis. “Now that the cost of neodymium has stabilized, we are so happy to adjust our pricing and pass the savings onto our valued dealers and customers.”


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